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Stonebond Properties took the decision to implement both EVision and Housebuilding to support their growth plans and drive business efficiencies. Now able to access real-time information in one system, they are saving both time and money.


Castlethorn invested in EVision and Housebuilding to improve cross departmental communication and increase consistency and reliability of information across the business, by feeding into a single ERP solution.

Fletcher Homes

Fletcher Homes required housebuilding specific functionality, prompting their move from RedSky to Eque2’s Housebuilding solution. They implemented the specialist Build, Sales and Care modules to improve visibility of costs and consolidate reporting, helping to streamline processes in an easy-to-use solution.

Bloor Homes Ltd

Bloor Homes adopted the Housebuilding Care module to shift from manual processes to a more efficient, time saving solution.

William Davis Homes

Eque2’s Housebuilding software brings the whole process into one seamless integrated solution that enables William Davis Homes to grow in a way previous systems couldn’t achieve. Housebuilding has helped William Davis Homes bring financial and commercial teams together, breaking down silos and achieving their goals.

Bloor Homes

Implementing the Housebuilding Sales module has helped Bloor Homes streamline processes. The module has provided greater awareness of activities of their sales teams with customers and gained efficiencies and confidence in accurate data and reporting.

William Davis

Now using the full Housebuilding solution alongside Eque2’s EVision ERP solution, William Davis can work efficiently as a single team with quick and easy access to required information, helping make key decisions to form business strategies.

CALA Group

Cala Group benefit from Housebuilding, having a fully integrated business process that uses the same software from land acquisition through to customer care.

Robertson Homes

Robertson Homes, part of the Robertson Group of companies, recognised that the substantial growth of the company required sophisticated information systems providing real time management information, business controls and ad hoc reporting which under the existing manual systems were time consuming and inefficient.

Pennyfarthing Homes

Pennyfarthing Homes selected Eque2 Housebuilding software based on Eque2’s dedication and experience in the industry. The software provides Pennyfarthing Homes with consistent, accurate data, allowing them to analyse and react to information more efficiently and collaboratively amongst teams.
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