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Join our next free online webinar for Eque2 Housebuilding

Our house building construction software package, powered by SiteStream, increases speed, efficiency and accuracy at every stage of the process; from site acquisition and land-bank development, right through the build phase and then beyond the sales phase into customer care.

This comprehensive and flexible house building solution has also been designed to offer dynamic and real-time links to house builders’ sites through the use of apps meaning their sales database is always up-to-date, removing the potential for frustration and uncertainty.

View one of webinar recordings, where we explore various topics to demonstrate how Eque2 Housebuilding can benefit your business.

Create a 5-Star Customer Experience with CARE
This webinar will help you how you can maximise and better manage your customer’ journey and after-sales process by logging and tracking issues until they’re resolved.
Managing your Subcontractors On and Off Site with the Build Module
Discover how to create an accurate valuation of Subcontract work based on progress to date, and how Android and IOS based apps can be used to progress work, automatically update the project plan, and manage variations and contra charges as well as methods of automated payment processing.
Using modern technology to complete and exchange SALES
This webinar will help you to understand your customer’ journey and deliver GDPR compliant communications to prospective customers. Fully Integrating with your website for easy on-site recording of sales enquiries, reservations and choices.
Acquisition appraisals and LAND bank opportunities
This webinar will show you how you can track money you have applied for versus what has been certified, invoiced and crucially, what cash has been received against each of your jobs. Helping you to gain an accurate, real-time financial picture of each individual job.

We chose Housebuilding from Eque2 because it’s flexible, user- friendly and robust, supporting sites from initial appraisal to handover and ongoing customer care. Our existing systems allowed too much error and misreporting, which affects both internal performance of the business and our clients. The predicted expansion of the company and logistics of staff demanded a single integrated and modern solution which we have found in Eque2’s Housebuilding software.

Elliot Robertson, Robertson Group

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