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Additional government investment to unlock homes across England

April 4, 2018

New measures announced by the government to tackle the housing crisis are set to unlock thousands of homes.

Nearly £300m in funding is being invested to deliver much-needed homes in Greater Manchester, the West of England and Oxfordshire, Housing Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed.

This funding follows a flurry of recent investments across the UK as the government work to solve the ongoing housing crisis, with 44 areas for projects targeted to ‘unlock’ space for homes.

Housing Secretary Sajid Javid said: “This government is determined to build the homes this country needs. That’s why we’re working with ambitious areas across England and backing them with investment and support.”

“We’re also investing in local infrastructure like schools, roads and hospitals, so that we can help unlock even more new homes in the areas where they’re needed most and build a Britain fit for the future.”

Following a package announced for the West Midlands earlier this month, involving the release of land and plans to build 215,00 new homes in the region, the latest measures will see £3m directed to the West of England to nearly double the number of homes currently being delivered and £215m to build 100,000 new homes for Oxfordshire.

For Greater Manchester, £68m has been awarded to develop brownfield sites, build 227,200 new homes and boost economic growth across the Northern Powerhouse.

With such significant investment pouring into the housebuilding industry, contractors and construction companies need to find a way to manage the influx of complex projects and, more importantly, gain a competitive advantage to make the most of the sudden boom.

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With the option of adopting the whole suite, or selecting Land, Build, Sales and Customer Care modules individually, businesses can tailor Eque2’s Housebuilding software around their needs.

Whether it’s quickly and accurately producing budgets, cataloguing land bank opportunities, monitoring project progress in real time or improving customer care, the right software helps at every stage of the housebuilding process.



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