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Calls for housebuilding planning to be made simpler, clearer, and more transparent

February 2, 2022

As we start the new year, it seems concerns continue to grow surrounding the impact material and labour shortages are having on the housebuilding industry.

The government have set an ambitious target of 300,000 new homes per year, which will only be met if the government takes action to remove barriers for housebuilders.

The Home Builder’s Federation and Close Brothers Property Finance have conducted a recent survey, to look deeper at how the pandemic over the past two years has changed the landscape for housebuilders.

In summary, supply chain issues and material shortages combined with stretched budgets are key causes of delays to planning applications. 94% of respondents see delays in securing planning permission as a major barrier to housing delivery.

Many survey participants particularly felt the planning process disadvantaged smaller firms. Larger home builders often have the financial backing to absorb the costs associated with long and complex planning processes.

Furthermore, 78% of respondents believe the supply and cost of materials is a major barrier to housing delivery, compared to just 20% in 2020. To secure materials in short supply, they often have to be bought in advance and in bulk, consuming money that could be used elsewhere in the business.

With continuing planning delays and rising costs amongst the industry, it is important that your company’s house builder software can provide you with the relevant, up-to-date information to drive efficiency and profitability for your business.

Our Eque2 Housebuilding software provides real-time clear and comprehensive data, designed to increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability at every stage of the house build process.

Designed as a modular solution, Housebuilding contains four modules – Land, Build, Sales and Care.

Land: helps you to make quick, better-informed decisions on future land opportunities

Build: helps both your on-site and commercial teams work together seamlessly, improving efficiency and saving money

Sales: improve your customer service, marketing, reporting, and the quality of lead generation by monitoring and analysing every step of the customer journey

Care: effectively manage your customer journey after a sale and resolve issues efficiently

For more information on how Eque2’s Housebuilding suite can help you tackle the barriers faced by the housebuilding industry, visit our housebuilding software page or contact

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