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Capacity planning: Balancing multiple house building projects without compromising quality

October 27, 2015

The critical success factors in managing multiple house building projects.

If you’re a small builder, managing one or two projects at the same time is manageable. , But if you’re managing multiple house building projects your juggling skills start to be tested to the limit.

Yet many builders treat project management across multiple sites the same way they treat one site: using on-the-spot judgements. In other words, they’re not scaling up as their workload does. For switched-on builders, this is an opportunity for competitive advantage.

In a world of skills shortages and tight supply, finding the best balance of human (and other) resources between different builds is a job best done by crunching the numbers, not making estimates. Because in those numbers are a lot of cost savings and hidden profits…economies of scale that might not be obvious if you treat each project as a standalone venture.

Here are some of the areas where relying on quantitative data makes sense. If you’re in business today, you already have effective project management – these ideas will make it even better.

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Meet House Building Demands: Controlling Customer Data

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