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From Drones to 3D Printing – Reducing House Building Costs [SlideShare]

July 31, 2016

There’s a crisis happening in the UK housing market. There aren’t enough houses to meet demand, and house building costs are increasing.

An Englishman’s home is looking less like a castle and more like an unattainable dream.

But what if that castle could be 3D printed from a computer model designed using VR headsets, positioned according to the findings of aerial drones and constructed quickly thanks to RFID tags?

Well, it would be much more cost-effective.

It’s time to embrace the newest technology to reduce house building costs, and create a new generation of affordable modern housing.

Because every single one of the technologies we’ve mentioned can make construction faster, easier and much, much cheaper.


  1. As demand for housing increases, companies are embracing new technology to bring construction costs down.
  2. Remote drones are providing greater oversight for architects, project managers and investors.
  3. VR headsets are helping construction companies enjoy ever greater levels of client satisfaction.
  4. RFID tags are helping to make substantial cuts in the costs of lost equipment and materials.
  5. 3D printing has already been used in Holland and China to create bridges and houses in a matter of hours.

Technology innovation and talent management go hand in hand. Make sure you’ve got the right skills available. Download: Modern House Building: The Skills Needed for Future Growth

Modern House Building: the Skills Needed for Future Growth

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