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Housing supply at nine-year-high

December 5, 2017

With the Budget being released last month, new government figures suggest that housebuilding is at its highest since 2007-8 in England.

In the past financial year, 217,350 homes were added to England’s housing stock, with supply increasing by 227,170 between April 2016 and March 2017. The Home Builders Federation (HBF) said the figures confirmed that the industry is on track to ‘smash’ the government’s target of one million new homes target.

Of the housing supply increase, taking into account 9,820 demolitions, there were 217,350 net additions to the housing stock, a rise of 15% from last year. 183,570 new build homes were completed, up 12% since last year and an increase of 55% on the figures from 2012.

Compared to 2014, there are now 577,690 more homes in England largely due to positive policies addressing the housing crisis, with more measures expected to be announced in the new Budget.

Executive chairman of the Home Builders Federation Stewart Basely said: ‘The housing crisis built up over several decades and will take many years to fix. Today’s statistics illustrate the huge progress being made.’

‘The challenge now is to expand the number of housing suppliers delivering new homes. [The] government needs to help create the conditions for more specialist developers and smaller firms to invest and grow their output while continuing with the positive environment that has seen larger developers drive increases in supply.’

One way housebuilders can continue to invest and grow their output, particularly at times of sudden high demand and without overspending, is to use industry-specific software, like Eque2’s Housebuilding solution, to unify and streamline every element of the housebuilding process.

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Housebuilding software can help you at each stage of your project from land appraisals and building to selling and customer aftercare. The software allows you to continually measure margins and stay within budget, so you can gain a competitive edge in periods of high growth such as those described above.

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