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Is your house building software driving efficiencies?

June 28, 2022

It was recently announced that Boris Johnson plans to extend the Right to Buy scheme, which allows tenants in housing association to purchase their homes at a discounted price. In return Johnson has committed to building a replacement council home for each one sold.

Whilst this and other new schemes introduced in a bid to turn ‘generation rent’ into ‘generation buy’ are promising for first time buyers, members within the house building industry have expressed their concerns.

Earlier this year a survey was published discussing how delays to planning applications were a major barrier to housing delivery. With rising costs stretching budgets and further supply chain issues still causing delays, the house building industry continues to be affected.

Paul Breen, MD for affordable housing specialist Living Space, said: “The Right to Buy proposals may prove difficult unless we see meaningful improvements to the planning system”.

To combat the challenges faced with the planning process, companies need to ensure their software can drive efficiency and in turn, profitability.

Eque2’s house building software provides relevant and comprehensive data in real-time, designed to increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability at every stage of the house build process.

The house building software compromises of four modules:

Land: helps you to make quick, better-informed decisions on future land opportunities

Build: construction project management software helps both your on-site and commercial teams work together seamlessly, improving efficiency and saving money

Sales: improve your customer service, marketing, reporting, and the quality of lead generation by monitoring and analysing every step of the customer journey

Care: effectively manage your customer journey after a sale and resolve issues efficiently

For more information on how Eque2’s House building suite can help you drive efficiencies contact

“We took the decision to invest the time and money to introduce the new systems, allowing us to teach just 20 people how to use new software, rather than waiting until we have over 75 employees and forever struggling to use these systems to their full potential in the future.”

Edd Cherry, Stonebond

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