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Millbank Tower to be converted to apartments

April 14, 2016

London’s Millbank Tower is to be converted into an apartment block, with a new hotel next door.

The plan will see Basio Holdings making one addition to the Grade II-listed building, as a couple of extra floors will be added on top to accommodate three new penthouses and a public bar.

Millbank will have 200 apartments and the project will also see a hotel and arts centre being built next door, while the building will be completely reglazed.

Built in 1963, the tower was the joint-tallest office building in Britain alongside Manchester’s CIS building, but lost its title as London’s tallest building when the Post office Tower was built two years later.

Permission to change the office building into apartments comes despite the central London boroughs being among a handful of local authorities that have applied for exemptions from new rules permitting the conversion of commercial properties into homes.

Manchester is the only other big city with an exemption.

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