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New West London homebuilding project given green light

July 28, 2016

A plan to build hundreds of new homes in the west of London has been given the official seal of approval.

In another sign that the residential construction industry is still in rude health in London and the surrounding area, around 580 new homes are now to be built in the Borough of Ealing.

Alongside the residential properties, which will be a mix of small and large flats, the new project will also include the construction of office spaces and leisure spaces, including several restaurants.

Notably, according to the developers behind the project, the City and Docklands Property Group, the new homes will more than satisfy the guidelines recently set out by City Hall with regards to living space.

“This would be significantly above the upper guideline in the mayor’s density matrix of 1,100hrh (rooms per hectare), however, the mayor also advises that this guideline should not be applied mechanistically and outlines circumstances where exceeding this range can be acceptable,” the company’s planning officer stated.

At the same time, the firm also confirmed that a sizeable proportion of the new homes will be deemed “affordable” to workers commuting into the centre of London.

At the same time, however, the recent Brexit decision is currently being blamed for wiping value from homes in the west of the capital, including in the Earl’s Court area.

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