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Tech in Construction: Attract young staff, improve profitability with House Building Software

July 26, 2018

In an industry facing economic uncertainty, an ageing workforce and a revolutionary onset of technological innovation, pioneering firms are using digital construction methods to boost profit margins, changing the way the industry as a whole delivers projects.

Better connected

Connecting the back office and site staff has long been a stumbling block for construction companies, reports Construction News, resulting in silos of data and disparate systems holding out-of-date information. With modern industry specific house building software, like Eque2’s Housebuilding, project progress can be monitored and updated in real-time, ensuring everyone is always on the same page.

Other tools boosting productivity (and ultimately, profitability) include site operatives using apps to create group chats and MS Outlook for emails, meetings and minutes.

Ensuring remote and on-the-go access to project data via employee smartphones with mobile-friendly house building software and apps makes it even easier to keep the entire team informed. It also guarantees projects won’t go awry between the office and the construction site.

More inspired

With fewer young people entering construction, and its image as an old-fashioned, spreadsheet-reliant industry proving hard to shake, innovative tech is key to drawing in a younger workforce. Graduates entering the industry have grown up with technology in every aspect of their lives; they expect the same in the workplace. Expecting them to work with outdated systems that are at best clunky, at worst a hindrance, can cause frustration on both sides.

Fast, streamlined systems bring out the best in everyone by destroying silos of data and saving staff time on lengthy admin tasks, freeing people up to focus on driving the business forward. When manual processes are automated by the use of industry specific solutions, such as house building software, your business becomes more competitive – and more attractive to young workers.

Get ahead with Eque2

Eque2’s Housebuilding software brings your construction company into the 21st century and unites your business with integrated modules, offering mobile capability with the Tick Sheets app.

By streamlining manual processes, giving you full visibility of site progress and subcontractors and ensuring everyone is supported to do their job quickly and without hindrance, Housebuilding is an invaluable tool with various functions designed to give your business the competitive advantage.

Eque2’s Housebuilding software, along with the Mobile Tick Sheets app, works alongside construction-specific project management software like Powerproject by Elecosoft to help both on-site and commercial teams to work together seamlessly.

Eque2’s Housebuilding software, used alone or in conjunction with project scheduling software like Powerproject, unites the various teams in a construction company. Modern technology, like Housebuilding, improves efficiency, productivity and – most importantly – profitability.

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