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The rise of technology: solving age-old problems in the construction industry

October 17, 2017

The rise of technology, particularly mobile is having a huge impact on every industry; a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) analyses exactly what those changes could look like in construction.

The report, conducted by the MGI as part of an ongoing research program into automation technologies and their impact, with one of the key findings being the potential boost in productivity resulting from automation.

The MGI suggests as many as half of today’s work activities could be fully or partly automated by around 2055, raising productivity growth globally by between 0.8 and 1.4% (dependent on other economic conditions and factors).

Here at Eque2 we know first hand just how helpful automation can be. Much of our software is designed to automate and streamline processes for construction companies, saving them money and time and boosting productivity.

To increase our offering and solve challenges facing the construction industry relating to connecting on site and back office., We recently launched a suite of mobile apps for our Construct for Sage and Housebuilding software.

Construct Mobile Delivery Notes

The Mobile Delivery Notes app, for Construct for Sage, allows for greater efficiency and connecting by eliminating paperwork, boosting communication by connecting both site and office and speeding up processes.

Whether it’s enabling team members to record delivery quantities on-site or letting workers photograph a damaged item so the office can respond quickly, Mobile Delivery Notes simply makes your life easier.

Housebuilding Mobile Tick Sheets

The app for Housebuilding, Mobile Tick Sheets, is designed to offer safe, secure and speedy access to site valuations from anywhere at any time, so construction companies enjoy greater control over many aspects of their business from subcontractor payments to stock on site.

To find out more about how our innovations and technology can boost your productivity, and see the effects of automation for yourself, discover Housebuilding Mobile Tick Sheets and Construct Mobile Delivery Notes for yourself.

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