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We have found Eque2’s Housebuilding Mobile Tick Sheets very simple to use and effective in giving us complete visibility of our projects and on-site activity. It has also provided a collaborative environment bringing activities of different departments together saving us a lot of time and helping us gain greater efficiencies.

CALA have been using the Eque2 Housebuilding Land Module for over 15 years as its main development appraisal tool and it forms an integral part of our procedures for appraising and purchasing land. The accuracy in the reporting, the detail available in our monthly site reconciliations and its ease of use makes it the perfect fit for our ever growing business

With Housebuilding powered by SiteStream the visibility of events in our construction and sales programmes is better than ever which leads to much better prediction of costs and resource planning.

We chose Housebuilding powered by SiteStream because it is flexible, user- friendly and robust, supporting sites from initial appraisal to handover and ongoing customer care. Existing systems allowed too much error and misreporting which affects both internal performance of the business and our clients. The predicted expansion of the company and logistics of staff demanded a single integrated and modern solution which we have found in Housebuilding powered by SiteStream.

Our website is driven from Housebuilding and all our web leads are now more efficiently analysed and followed up. Everything is held consistently in one place and not in different systems as before. This has provided us with better staff liaison, more data sharing and greater trust in each others data.

The calculation methods employed in Housebuilding powered by SiteStream Land are much more sophisticated than you can achieve easily in a spreadsheet. The system allows our land buyers to change all their assumptions on the fly with total confidence that all dependent calculations for ROCE, IRR and our Group standards for profit reporting are being adhered to.

With Eque2 software, we have a fully integrated business process from our land acquisition right through to customer care.

Now, we work as one big team with everyone able to gain quick and easy access to the information they require through the Housebuilding software which has provided us with a considerable amount of saved time and greater efficiencies.

Our primary use of the Sales module is as our main lead management tool for which it is very effective. Not only has it provided us with a greater awareness of activities of our sales teams with customers, but we have gained efficiencies and confidence in the accuracy of the data we have within the system.

The Care module works as a deposit for all our customer interactions and helps us track the maintenance jobs we assign to various plots allowing us to streamline the previous manual processes. It is now the sole place our customer care department need to go find the information they need.

Previously we were working with an older version of a Redsky ERP construction software system, which served the purpose for the contract management side of our business but has now become dated. As a result, we felt this was the perfect time to explore other available options which could better support our business plans

We hope to see improved communication across departments and better consistency and reliability of information across the business as everyone will be feeding into the one solution process.

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